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Do you know what YOUR preferred learning style is!

Learning is never an easy process. Be it mastering the basics of a concept or working towards learning complex ideas, each of us are unique individuals with our own preferred style of learning. Thus, it should come as no surprise that we all have our own preferred learning style. A style that allows us to best absorb and retain the necessary information. Although effort plays a very important r

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Learning Disability should not cripple the Learning Curve

A sizeable number of student population face challenges with reading and comprehending. The low level of understanding coupled with the fear of sharing and expressing ideas adds to the misery. Such students feel detached from the mainstream and prefer to dwell in the dark and lonely corners of isolation. These signs and symptoms could be a hint towards Learning Disability (LD). Impediments t

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Why is it important to minimize the Gender and other bias in the classroom?

Gender bias is a preference or prejudice towards one gender over the other. Bias can be conscious or unconscious and may manifest in many ways, both subtle and obvious.

Gender inequity is not only learned and accepted in the socialization process that starts at home, but is also present in the school environment from the very early years. Parents and teachers consciously or unconsciousl

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What the Future holds

The knowledge of creation and utilization is a contribution of science and technology. The journey from a nomadic life to that of today seems outlandish. People initially might had laughed at the imagination of money dropping out of a machine, but the intervention of technology has not only made it a reality, but has also resulted towards one of the most successful inventions and contributions

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Right Tutoring for Holistic Development

Learning begins at home and it scales to new heights when the child enters school. Both the parents and school authorities are committed to facilitate a healthy thriving ground for children. They want the children to emerge as good citizens with rational thinking and responsible approach. Every child is unique with a unique set of skills, yet the latent talent largely remains unidentified

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Speak up and say no to victimisation

"I do understand your problem, but you have to learn to overcome your grief" - general statement used to console grief-struck people. Practically, a victim alone can experience the grief caused by his loss and no one else can understand the intensity of his pain.

Every other day there is a new victim of molestation, irrespective of the awareness being widespread by the media. It

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The Importance of Family Traditions in Your Childrens Lives

Every family has a set of unique traditions, whether it is an outing or a dinner date which often are regularized within families. Such acts help towards creating a greater bond that connects family members together, and regularization of them will result in building feelings of trust, care and love among one another. We have chalked down a few acts families can do to engage children in an emot

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By chance.... or by choice.....

It was a workshop for Teachers. "What makes a Great Teacher?" - was the topic of the workshop.

The participants introduced themselves. Twenty out of twenty five Teachers mentioned that they are in this profession by chance and not by choice. It neither sounded surprising nor ridiculous. I have heard such a response from many great Teachers as well. Initially a question used to haunt in

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5 Life Skills to teach your child below age 10

Life as we all know it is never perfect. As kids, we all dreamt of being an adult so we could make our own decisions and be successful but now we only wish we could go back to childhood where everything was perfect! But during time, we all realise growing up was a part of life. But what we must also realise is that life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.

This is where

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'Technical' Creativity is right on the Cards!

Why is it that children today are more attracted to video games than comic books? A huge amount of thought, creativity and art have gone into designing those artistic little video games which encourages children to bring out their hidden artistic selves.

Technology has a huge potential but it will remain untapped until we start to think of it less like televisions and more like paintb

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Helping Childrens Love School: A Guide for Parents

Schooling is the foundation of knowledge being imparted to the child. It gives children a chance to learn, interact and learn social skills. The platform of education provides a child with the much-required knowledge and skills that he/she carries along with them their entire life. Since the child is going to spend close to 8 hours every day in an educational institution, its important for a ch

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