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By chance.... or by choice.....

It was a workshop for Teachers. "What makes a Great Teacher?" – was the topic of the workshop.

The participants introduced themselves. Twenty out of twenty five Teachers mentioned that they are in this profession by chance and not by choice. It neither sounded surprising nor ridiculous. I have heard such a response from many great Teachers as well. Initially a question used to ha

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5 Life Skills to teach your child below age 10

Life as we all know it is never perfect. As kids, we all dreamt of being an adult so we could make our own decisions and be successful but now we only wish we could go back to childhood where everything was perfect! But during time, we all realise growing up was a part of life. But what we must also realise is that life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.

This is where

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'Technical' Creativity is right on the Cards!

Why is it that children today are more attracted to video games than comic books? A huge amount of thought, creativity and art have gone into designing those artistic little video games which encourages children to bring out their hidden artistic selves.

Technology has a huge potential but it will remain untapped until we start to think of it less like televisions and more like paintb

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Helping Children’s Love School: A Guide for Parents

Schooling is the foundation of knowledge being imparted to the child. It gives children a chance to learn, interact and learn social skills. The platform of education provides a child with the much-required knowledge and skills that he/she carries along with them their entire life. Since the child is going to spend close to 8 hours every day in an educational institution, it’s important for a

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Education and Educator

We admire the nature and say, ‘Wow!!! God created it…” A mother would look at her child and say, “Wow!!! I created it…” Likewise, if a teacher can look at each and every student’s successful life and say, “Wow!!! I created it…”, then no doubt we are constructing a society full of people with ethical values.

Education is not just about gaining degrees. It is about q

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