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Sarvajna Public School consists of a team of visionary leaders who aim at imparting quality education to everyone irrespective of any boundaries/limitations.

Sri. B.S. Paramashivaiah, Founder Secretary

Sri Sarvajna Education Society was established by Sri B.S. Paramashivaiah, a visionary in the field of Education, in the year 1971.

Over the years, the society has established and managed several educational institutions and is inspired by the ideals of conveying education that contributes towards nation building. Our efforts are concentrated to develop this institution into a model education centre in the state.

Sri.B.P.Mahadev Prasad, Secretary

Like a circle which has no end, education and learning bear no constraints. There is no end to learning from the day we are born till our last breath. Though the manifestation is through multiple forms, the whole process of learning never ends. The purpose of Education is the manifestation of an individual. I expect every child at Sarvajna to transform into a HAPPY CHILD.

Leadership may not come to all naturally, but one can always stand up for oneself. My job is to enable them to do so.

I believe that only through education can the menace of poverty be eradicated and the fulfillment of a dream of a developed nation can be achieved. On pursuance of a better tomorrow, we at 'SARVAJNA' make our present dynamic, and our past a milestone.